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We know sharing ideas is essential for your business.
We believe that sharing a vision should be an experience.
We are storytellers. We provide film to share your visions with the right audience.

A story you will be proud of as a company or an independent person.
A film that exceeds boundaries like opening hours and distance.
An experience where your audience gladly spends their time on.

Valentijn Studios has years of experience in translating visions and ideas into film.
We are a collective of filmmakers, based in the heart of Amsterdam.
Our every day goal is to tell the best story possible.

Writing Concepts and Scripts

Writing a script or a concept is always a collaboration between the client and Valentijn Studios. Whether it is an excisting topic or a product, or an entire new story, we are happy to share our ideas to tell the story in the best way possible.


Valentijn Studios uses different approaches when it comes to camera work. Each film requires a different method in capturing, understanding that every story needs its own identity. Naturally, we provide our films in high-definition.

The Dolly, the Slider and the Jib

The words mentioned above are cameratools. The usage of the right tools are essential in film making. Furthermore, the cinematographic approach in using the camera, results in a gorgeous cinematic camera movement. The movements give a premium feel to the film. We would be happy to explain what these tools can do for your film.

Tough Camera Conditions

Some topics are more difficult to shoot. Dusty environments or underwater action ask for a different approach. Valentijn Studios offers special cameras that work perfectly in these circumstances. Whether it is at 120 kilometers per hour from the roof of a car or capturing an olympic swimmer, these cameras bring the action as close as possible.


Valentijn Studios uses several different techniques in animation. Whether it's about animating logos or entire scenes, the possibilities are endless. We offer both 2D and 3D animation. We would be happy to explain what these techniques can do in your story.

Putting Things Together

In the editting stage of the procces, many things come together. The story and its images, sound and music. Animation and motion graphics are being implemented into the filmfootage and we build towards a final result. Our software is one of the most used software in the industry and provides the highest quality in editting film and image processing. The CGI and motion graphics software is carefully selected to insure the fastest work methode. This way we can keep up with tight timeframes.

Voice Over Recordings

One of the most useful tools in film is the voice-over. Valentijn Studios offers high quality voice-over recordings to match our films. To match your needs, Valentijn Studios provides the possibility to record voice-over on location. We are happy to share the possibilities.

Casefilms for Advertising Agencies

Casefilms are films that transform an idea into something tangible. If you want your idea to be noticed and stand out, the use of a casefilm is a powerful tool. We had the pleasure to work with several advertising agencies to work on a number of casefilms. If you want to know more, we are happy to share the possibilities.


In almost every case, music is used in film. Music can set the right mood or can create the right emotion for a particular story. We are happy to share our ideas and knowledge about music and the necessary music rights.

To create our films and to meet the proper demands, we've selected top of the art performance software to ensure the best story possible.
If you would like to get a more detailed consultation, please let us know.

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