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 Based with our creative studio in Lisbon- Portugal and an office in Arnhem- The Netherlands
we like to think we have a global attitude.
Always curious to work with people who think both the same and different we collaborate with creatives, agencies and brands from all over the world.

Concepts and Scripts

Writing a script or a concept is always a collaboration between the client and Valentijn Studios and definitely one of the most important moments in creating film. No matter what the subject is, we are happy to share our ideas with you. This way we ensure the story is told in the best possible way.


Valentijn Studios has different approaches when it comes to camera work. Each film requires a different method of recording, since each story has its own identity. We are happy to share the possibilities with you.


Since our studio is based in one of the most creative and largest hubs in Lisbon, we are able to provide the following services; Large film studio with dimensions of 17 by 9 meters, make up and fitting room and an editing & post production room. Please contact us for more technical information. We are happy to answer all your questions.

De Dolly, de Slider en de Jib

The words mentioned above are accessories for film cameras. The usage of the right equipment is essential in filmmaking since they help transfer the story to your audience. We are happy to explain what these tools can do in telling your story.


Valentijn Studios uses different techniques in animation. Whether animating logos or complete scenes, the possibilities are endless. We offer both 2D and 3D animation. We are happy to explain what these techniques can do to boost your story.

Where Everything Comes Together

All disciplines come together in the editing process. Together the story and the images, the sound and music make the final result. Our software is one of the most used software in the film industry and offers the highest quality in image and sound processing. The animation and motion graphics software has been carefully chosen to ensure a quick workflow without losing sight of quality in the end result.

To make our films and to meet the right requirements, we have chosen top of the art performance software to ensure the best possible story.
If you would like to have a more detailed explanation of the technical possibilities, please let us know.