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Valentijn Basic
Our answer to smaller media budgets.

We frequently get requests from small business owners to make a film about their business.
Beautiful businesses that offer unique products which are well thought off and perfectly executed.
We agree on the fact that these small companies deserve a film which showcases their products and we love to get involved with these companies.
However, there used to be a problem. Marketing budgets in small companies aren't big and film making is a time consuming business.
Therefore, Valentijn Studios developed a new product. Valentijn Basic. Beautiful, simplistic and powerful portraits of small business owners.

How does Valentijn Basic work?

With Valentijn Basic, we offer the possibility for small companies to choose from 3 different style pallets in music and color in their film.
We wrote a series of questions which small business owners or their staff easily can answer, to explain what it is they do in their work. These pre-composed packages save us a lot of time in pre-production as well as post-production which enables us to offer a lower price for small business owners.

This package results in beautiful portraits of small businesses and their products. The Valentijn Basic package already starts from €700,- . You can add additional services like voice-over and logo animation. We are happy to advice you in what to choose. This way, you can offer the basic essential in exposure, to the audience you would like to target.

How to choose the right Valentijn Basic package?

In three simple steps you have chosen your favorite Valentijn Basic package:

1- Choose your Color

Enriching color, desaturate colors or changing color altogether, it all adds to a specific feeling when watching a movie. It is called color grading.
We designed three color settings in our Valentijn Basic package. Please choose a color setting that looks the most appealing for your business.

Color setting 1

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Color setting nr. 1 enhances the colors in the footage. The colors pop up and this type of color grading gives a modern feel to the film.

 Color setting 2 

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Color setting nr. 2 gives a more dreamy feel to the footage. The corners are softened with a subtle glow. A wash of subtle red is added to give a warm,  romantic look.

 Color setting 3 

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Colorsetting nr. 3 shows subtle desaturated colors with a warm wash over the footage. It gives a feeling of tough working conditions. It is also the boldest color setting out of the three settings.

2- Choose your Feel

Music helps the story to unfold. Music also adds a deeper feeling to the film.
We carefully selected three songs with our partners at Premiumbeat.com which help tell the story of your company in a subtle way.
Make your choice below.

An uptempo feel good song, with a sense of movement. This song will push your story gently forwards.

An easy-listening song that makes your audience focus on the story. The song builds up to a more uptempo rhythm, that pushes the story gently forwards.

A positive song that starts with a sentimental feel and builds up to several climaxes. The song starts slow before evolving into an uplifting feel good song.

3- Choose your Time

Congratulations with your choice! Contact us to make an appointment for your Valentijn Basic shoot. 

We are happy to answer any questions you might have.
For more information please contact us and make sure to include, Valentijn Basic in the subject. 

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